About CollEge

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In the year 1978, Narmada Welfare Society, through School Management Committee having eminent educational personalities on its board, started its first activity school at Vallabh Palace, Hanuman Tal, Jabalpur M.P. From an humble beginning in past 28 years it has grown like a Banyan tree having a strength of about 8,000 students. In the intermittent period several associate Societies with independent management committees known as Vidya Parishads were formed to impart quality education to higher classes. Collegiate professional courses were introduced on public demand. The educational establishments of mother institution and associates are commonly known as Narmada Group of Schools & Colleges, although there is no functional integrity and financial bondage amongst each other.

If you teach a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family, “ is a well known saying and is our guiding principle as it is well known that a good educated and cultured family contributes to a better society and nation . We have started these colleges with management, computer and journalism courses initially and will further add on other professional and latest courses. We are sure our initiative will get excellent patronage from every section of society.

Career Counseling
The counseling cell has been established with a purpose to guide and assist the students in finding out their gray areas and strong personality attributes, their interests and their potential so that they make the correct career choices and control the problem areas by developing confidence in themselves.

Placement Cell

Campus interviews are organized in order to cope up with the growing unemployment in the society. Placements are facilitated through the combined efforts of students, faculties and professionals. Our placement center assists all the eligible candidates to find a place in industrial units, if they meet the standards fixed by the placement committee.

Industrial Exposure

Summer training programmers, project assignments and seminars by experts from industries and leading practitioners and industrial visits expose the students to the real, technical and personnel problems in organizations. Apart from summer projects, students have to do mini project practical assignment on selected topics as for as their syllabi demands. Students are thereby enabled to learn prevailing methods and practices in organizations and relate them to the knowledge gained in the classroom and through reading books.


  • Contacts and guidance from experts through Video conferencing.

  • Providing subject wise class rooms having its own captive library.

  • Offering more professional courses for girls to enable them to have job oriented education.

  • Each class to have its own OHP, LCD Projector etc.

  • Providing a Conference cum TV room for students where they will be allowed to see educational programmes and indulge in mock conferences.

  • Providing Hostel facility.

  • Starting own 'Web Journal' and Community Radio'.